our Worship

As the body of Christ, we set aside Sunday morning for gathered worship. Yes, we believe that worship takes place 24/7/365. We are worshipping every moment of the day, every day of the week, throughout the year. But Sunday is a focused day that helps us align our worship back to the living God. And it is something we do together, not only joining our local brothers and sisters in Christ for worship, but joining in the larger universal body of Christ that reaches throughout the world and spans the history of time. 

So what is Sunday like?

We have a mixture of laid back and formal elements. For starters, we meet in Pastor Will's home. That's pretty laid back. We have no formal dress requirements. You will find the Pastor in jeans and a button up shirt only because his wife requires it. Come as you are.

At 11am or shortly thereafter, we will begin by reading a passage of Scripture together. Then we will sing a few songs and often recite a catechism together. The songs are a mixture of contemporary Gospel and traditional hymns. 

We will share in a time of prayer. One of the advantages of a small church is that we are able to share requests and pray for one another during our time of worship. Some days one of the pastors will lead in prayer. 

After a time of prayer we hear from God's Word. Preaching may be out of style, but we believe God's Word takes root and transforms us through proclamation (Romans 10). Hearing solid preaching is an essential element of the Christian life. God's Word must be proclaimed. 

After the sermon we will sing a hymn of response and then every week we take the Lord's Supper. Jesus commanded his church to do this regulalry until he comes again. Every week we celebrate the Lord's death until he comes again. 

We usually end the service with another song. We pass an offering basket around at this time. The pastor concludes with prayer of a benediction. Then we have announcements and usually share in some sort of snack or dessert together after the service. Once a month (currently 1st Sunday of the month) we share a meal together. 

If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail Pastor Will: will@redemptionchurchphilly.org