We gather on Sunday as the unified body of Jesus Christ. We come together to worship God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. We worship together at 2346 Reed St. Phila, Pa 19146. We currently meet in our home. 

What to expect. Before the service starts its a time to hang out and catch up with one another. The service will begin with a call to worship. This will often be a Scripture reading and a short prayer. Then there will be some singing. A time of prayer. A Scripture reading. A sermon so that we may hear from God's Word. And then another song with a closing prayer. Then stick around for the announcements. 

What to wear. Clothes. It really doesn't matter after that. Dress up or dress down. This video sums up how Redemption Church approaches your clothes and your hair:


Lyrics for My Clothes, My Hair.