Our Community

We are committed to displaying the glory of Christ in our community.

We are committed to our hood. We want to be a redeemed community who lives in our hood, who loves our hood, and who longs to see the glory of Christ displayed in our hood. And to the best of our ability, we pray that the power of the gospel will bring about real change and transformation to our neighborhood - one person, one family, and one block at a time. We pursue this change and transformation with both humility and hope.

We are committed to our city. We believe that as individuals, neighbors, and friends are changed by the gospel this will begin to change the city.  And we believe that it takes multiple and diverse churches to reach a diverse city.

We are committed to the world. We believe that we are to make disciples to the ends of the earth. We recognize that the Body of Christ is bigger than Redemption Church. It spreads throughout the world.  We want to celebrate and participate in the beautiful bride, the church.